Jessica (jessicabish) wrote,

whats with guys that act like there's something between you but don't talk much when given the chance? especially when you've known them awhile, and it's like they expect you to bring them out of their shell. and it's not that they're a quiet person, for whatever reason they just try to keep everything always at bay. I DON'T GET IT. and i probably never will...which is maybe what's keeping me interested. i've always known that at some point we would be together but how is that ever going to happen if you don't show me who you really are. i see you so deeply while at the same time you're hiding from me. oh well, that way we are at least staying safe, and with you thats probably best.

oops..i guess this has turned into my ranting outlet. i swear i will post something lighter sometime soon. but it's my journal and yea i do what i want!
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